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What is LOTTORIX?  
  • Lottery drawing results ANALYSIS TOOL
  • Lottery drawing SIMULATOR
  • Dynamic STATISTICAL DATA between two selected drawings
  • Editable NUMBER POOL, different pool for BONUS number(s)
  • Drawly updated hundreds of Day-One LOTTERY DATABASES
  • Unlimited WHEELING with Adjustable Number Probability
  • Drawing RESULT CHECKER (Straight/Boxed options for 4-Digit games such as Daily 3&4s)
  • All in one window, EASY TO USE interface
  • Daily 3, Daily 4; pick 5, 6, 7; with bonus 5+1, 5+2, 6+1, 6+2, 7+1 lotteries from all over the world, upto 56 ball

How LOTTORIX works?

    Pick the Starting and Ending draw numbers and let LOTTORIX find out Winning Amounts and Last Picked Draw for each number, as well as the Power Values of the balls according to their Hot/Cold status.

    You can order all statistical data in ascending order according to their Total Pick amount, Power Percentage or Last Picked Drawing information.
    Comprehensive and easy to understand statistical data to compare numbers with each other.
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    As well as to produce tickets for coming drawing, you may also simulate previous drawings to analyze.

    Number Pool is a virtual pool where LOTTORIX populates each number with different amount (For example Ball 1: 2, Ball2: 5, Ball3: 10 etc) according to their Pick Amount.
    Each time you fill a Pool with different preferences, LOTTORIX re-populates this Number Pool with different amount of balls (which is also manually editable by you).
    So, before picking for a ticket, you can see each number's pick probability in percentage (or as amount) in Number Pool.
    And numbers are proportionaly picking with their amount in the pool.
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    Lottorix supports hundreds of lotteries included all major lotteries of the world by drawly updated Day One archives. To see the complete list please visit Supported Lotteries page.
    • Lotteries with 0-9 balls such as Daily 3, Daily 4 from all over the world (up to 6),
    • Regular pick 5, 6, 7 lotteries (within upto 56 ball),
    • With Bonus Ball lotteries such as 5+1, 5+2, 6+1, 6+2, 7+1 (such as MegaMillions, EuroMillions, Super 7).
    • Built-in Lottery Management tool to manually Add / Delete drawing results.
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    Select any number with any probability and let LOTTORIX fill your ticket up to 32000 columns.
    You can interrupt the drawing any time from Drawing Progress Window.
    By checking Add to Existing Ticket option, you can add columns to an existing ticket.
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  • SINGLE WINDOW User Interface:
    You can take the advantage to get easy to evaluate Statistical Data in a Single Window without dealing with complicated graphics or schemes on multiple pages.
    All game settings are also placed on this single window so you can check all statistical data and control related settings to be used during ticket production simultaneously.
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    Create your ticket with LOTTORIX and Save it including your settings and preferences. When the drawing is held, Load your saved ticket, update drawing database and click Compare button.
    For 4-Digit games such as Daily 3 and Daily 4 lotteries played with 0-9 balls, Straight or Boxed comparison method is optional.

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    • Numbers can be included or excluded to/from tickets by using Guaranteed Numbers, Include/Exclude Numbers or with Power Intervals functionalities.
    • Adjustable priority to Hot/Cold numbers while preparing Power Table.
    • If Bonus Numbers are picking from a different Pool (for example: Powerball of USA, Mega Millions of Europe), a second Power Table and Bonus Pool set is ready for Bonus Ball(s).
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For more information about LOTTORIX please visit Features page.

You are welcome to get fully functional LOTTORIX software from Download Software page of this website. You may also download LOTTORIX from CNET's

To become a Registered License user of LOTTORIX and get unlimited access to LOTTORIX and it's Drawing Databases, Ticket Templates and all future versions and upgrades without paying any additional fee, please visit Purchase page of this website powered by PAYPAL.

Thank you for your interest. Win! with LOTTORIX.

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